Our Staff

Sue Thornton: Executive Director

Sue has worked in the field of Early Childhood for twenty two years after receiving her degree in Early Childhood Education. She worked as a teacher mainly at Lane Community College and then here at this center as the head teacher since January of 2009 when the center opened. Sue moved into the director position in 2010. She enjoys the energy of each classroom and studying developmental stages along with the uniqueness each child brings to the class. She works to keep quality teachers in each class.

Destanie Marshall: Program Director

Destanie has her degree in Education. She enjoys all the classes and is leading the way in Creative Curriculum. Destanie is compassionate about teaching and has a good relationship with the children and families. She works to keep the program organized and running smoothly.



Lori Whipkey: Toddler Teacher and Assistant Director

Lori comes with a lot of experience and a passion to help children know they are loved and are of worth. She has a strong Christian background and brings great structure, projects, and classroom management to our young ones. Lori also helps the program and executive director where needed.

Amanda Eudy: Preschool  Teacher

Amanda has worked with children throughout her life and has been involved in ministry. She loves working with all children, but especially connects with the older ones. She’s very gentle and has many creative and hands on activities that the children love.

Tammie Christianson: Preschool Teacher

Tammie has her Degree in Education. She is energetic and friendly to our children and parents. She has a great relationship with them and brings fun into the classroom. She also is great with teaching the children independence and how God wants us to treat others.




Jen Dudley: Pre-K Teacher

Jen has her degree in Early Education and brings lots of knowledge to share. She loves all ages, but has lots of curriculum ideas that are great for our pre-k class.

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Bethany Eudy: Toddler Teacher

Bethany has worked with all ages of children and loves ministering to them. She brings a calm demeanor to the class and is helpful to teachers with projects and any other needs in the classrooms. She helps co-teach the preschool class.


Bre Brown: Wobbler Teacher

Bre is a sweet and nurturing teacher to our young ones. She has been with the center since 2009 and is a great asset to our program. She develops curriculum and projects for her class so that they can grow and learn from even at a young age and the children adore her. She co-teaches with Lori.

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Traci Rich: Wobbler Teacher

Traci has years of experience with all ages and loves every single one of them. She loves letting the children to learn with their hands and get messy!



Jennie Villa: Cook

Jennie has her degree in Early Education. She loves Jesus and loves teaching.  Jennie will be working in the kitchen as our cook and fill in as a teacher if needed.

Christy Eudy: Infant Teacher

Christy has twenty+ years of experience with infants and toddlers. She has a warm disposition. She attained her CDA and continues to grow and learn about children’s development.

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Kindra Groshong: Infant Teacher

Kindra has her degree in Special Needs. She is gentle and soft spoken with our infant class.

Brenna Jessin: Teacher Aid

Brenna loves children and brings great energy to all the classrooms. She helps assist all teachers where needed. She is close to graduating and hopes to become teacher qualified soon.

Stacey Harris: Teacher Aid

Stacey loves working with children and currently helps in all the classrooms. She has experience in her home church working in the children’s ministries.

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