Hand Foot and Mouth

We have recently had an outbreak of hand foot and mouth and the stomach virus. So far we have had 7 confirmed cases of hand foot and mouth and about 10 with stomach virus. Please be keeping a close eye on your child and checking them daily for signs. Sometimes the hand foot and mouth virus is hard to notice at first.

Signs/Symptoms of hand foot and mouth include:

sore throat, fever, sores, red spots, blisters.

If your child has ANY of these symptoms please keep them home. Also if your child is complaining of stomach ache or not eating or acting normal please keep them home. We understand work schedules are difficult, but please do your best at helping us keep our center healthy. We are cleaning everything daily, but it is impossible to get rid of the virus if children are here that are contagious.

If you have any questions or concerns please let us know!

Thank you!

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