Our values for children help create our unique curriculum. Each classroom is motivated by the lives of the children and their individual social and cultural backgrounds. The curriculum includes creativity and curiosity of the children while promoting literacy. We foster good health through learning about nutritious foods and promoting active play.

We use a Creative Curriculum approach written by Cate Heroman, Candy Jones, Diane Dodge, and Laura Colker. The basics of the curriculum are to have the teachers observe and assess children and then create a program to match where the children are at on the developmental continuum. The environment is set up with many different interest areas where literacy, math, science, social studies, art, and technology are incorporated. Teachers promote positive relationships and teach social problem-solving skills while guiding children through large and small group activities that explore, predict, and discover. Literacy is expanded into all areas of learning. Children learn literacy as a source of enjoyment. They learn phonological awareness, knowledge of print, letters and words, and comprehension. 

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