Emergency and Off Site Evacuation Plan

Emergency preparation requirements

  • Monthly safety drills
  • Emergency information for children and staff will be kept
    • In the office on bulletin board
    • On teacher’s classroom clipboards
    • In the emergency backpacks (Go Bags)
      • One bag located in main hallway by double doors to playground
      • Second bag located in toddler room on west side of building
  • Staff will use emergency contact information on classroom clipboards and in emergency backpacks to ensure that parents or the parent’s emergency contact can be reached in person.
    • Staff will call or message parents. (Messaging by text or Class Dojo) If staff cannot reach parents, then the parent’s emergency contact person will be called.
  • Emergency backpacks will be routinely checked and updated or refilled as needed.
  • On site evacuation meet up point is the basketball hoop in lower parking lot.
  • Off-site evacuation location is Willamette Christian Center parking lot at 2500 W. 18th Ave, Eugene OR 97402
    • Living Hope Church & Fairfield Baptist Church will have off-site evacuation information.
  • If director is unable to perform duties, then one of the substitute directors will step in. Substitute directors are listed on the required postings bulletin board.

Evacuation of the facility

Staff will be notified to evacuate by either audible alarm (smoke detector, fire alarm, fire bell), verbally from other staff or via cell phone as needed.

Teachers will immediately evacuate their rooms by having children WALK through the closest exit path that will safely take the children outside:

THE DESIGNATED PARKING LOT MEET UP LOCATION IS at the farthest basketball hoop in lower parking lot.

  • Teachers will confirm all the children in the class are accounted for before they leave the building.
  • Any staff not assigned to a classroom will step in to assist with children wherever need is greatest.
  • Lead teachers will take their clipboards with child attendance information and emergency contact list and their cell phones. Emergency backpacks are the responsibility of the preschool teacher and toddler teacher unless otherwise assigned by director.
  • Director will call 911 or assign to other staff as needed.
  • The director, with the assistance of staff, will make sure all children and adults leave the building, checking bathrooms, side rooms and upstairs kitchen.
  • Roll will be taken in the parking lot at the meet up location to confirm all children and staff have exited the building.
  • Living Hope staff will be contacted as needed to ensure everyone’s safety. Living Hope office phone number — 541.683.3713 — will be on classroom clipboards, listed with other emergency numbers.

Off-site evacuation

If, after evacuating the building, we must move to an off-site location we will take children to Willamette Christian Center (WCC) at 2500 W. 18th Ave, Eugene OR 97402. We will meet up at the West Entrance for the WCC auditorium. (There is a wide sidewalk area with a roof overhang to provide some cover.) This meet up spot is in the “front” parking lot adjacent to W. 18th Ave at the west end. Parking lot can be accessed from W. 18th Ave. or Hawkins Ln.

  • Notify Fairfield Baptist Church leadership: Pastor Alan Gayle & Pastor Ryan Prieb will be contacted. Office ph# 541-689-007. See emergency phone number list for pastor cell numbers.
  • Parents will be contacted to come pick up their children.
    • Parents will be notified via Class Dojo post to class story or school story.
      • Staff will use Class Dojo messaging, phone calls or direct text messages to confirm pick up with parents.
    • If staff cannot confirm pick up with parents, then other authorized emergency contacts will be notified.
  • Notify Living Hope church that we have evacuated off-site.
  • Record the incident, and, as needed notify licensor within 48 hours.